Dragon Electric Vehicles  -  Why drive electric?

Mega City Car

Modern electric vehicles are reliable, clean, quiet, cheap to run and maintain, and many of the old problems of lack of performance and range are being overcome by modern technology.

The number of moving parts in an electric car is much less than in a petrol or diesel car, and modern electronics are very reliable. There is no oil to change, no water to top up, no petrol or diesel fuel fumes or spills when you fill up with fuel. There is no exhaust pipe to corrode or leak, and no noise when stationary in traffic.

Routine servicing is restricted to tyres, brakes, lights and windscreen washers.

There is no road tax to pay on electric vehicles and exemption from congestion charges in London, where there are free some recharging points. Recharging costs are typically 1p per mile on off-peak and 2p per mile on peak rate electricity. This compares with 11p per mile for typical petrol and diesel engines.

Dragon Electric Vehicles can convert almost any petrol or diesel engine powered car to run on electricity or rebuild existing electric vehicles.

Converting lead/acid powered vehicles to Lithium ion power can increase the maximum range by a factor of three.

Electric cars do generally cost a little more than the equivalent fossil fuelled car. This is because they are not produced in huge numbers and cannot achieve the same savings of mass production. However, they are delightful to drive, cost much less to run, and are good news for the environment.