Dragon Electric Vehicles  -  Alternative energy

Electric cars use less energy and create less pollution than fossil fuel cars even when they are charged from peak rate electricity. Even the pollution at the power station for a peak rate charged electric car is much less than the pollution caused by fossil fuelled cars. Nowadays, mains electricity is supplied by power stations with desulphurisation plant to reduce pollution, highly efficient (65%) gas fired combined cycle power stations with lower CO2 emissions as well as nuclear and renewable contributions. Car manufacturers claim that their most efficient diesel engines are now approaching 50% efficient - about the same as a hydrogen fuel cell, but these efficiencies are only achieved at high speed when fuel consumption is high, so that few cars are capable of more than 25% efficiency overall, much less than the 80-95% efficiency of which electric vehicles are capable.


If you want your car to be really low polluting we can advise on the installation of renewable energy systems to power your electric vehicle. A full wind and P.V. system can power the whole house, but a simple wind generating system will typically provide 30 miles free driving per day and sell surplus electricity to the national grid. They cost in the region of 2000 installed.