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Vauxhall Astra conversion under way

Because of a queue of projects for the workshop we are unable to offer any conversion work for the moment.

Dragon Electric Vehicles offers a conversion service for both new and used petrol or diesel engined vehicles.

Please contact us with your requirements and we shall be pleased to provide an estimate.

Typical conversion cost for car or van with a 50 mile range and 50 mph top speed is around 15,000*. This does include new batteries, motor and control gear as well as the labour involved.

Greater range and speed can be provided.

Conversions are normally carried out at our workshops in South wales but can be done on-site at your own premises.

* Note that prices do not include the cost of the base vehicle used for conversion. This can be supplied by the customer, or we can source a suitable second hand or new vehicle for the conversion.

Not just cars!

We can help with motor cycles, electric assisted bicycles and rickshaws, invalid carriages. Last year we even produced a quote for converting a canal barge!

Do it yourself?

Fancy doing your own conversion? We have batteries, motors, control gear (and advice!)


We are able to do hybrid (petrol/diesel/LGP + electric) conversions on certain vehicles. Please enquire.