Dragon Electric Vehicles  -  Buggies

Dragon build a range of road legal off-road electric buggies with a choice of performance. They are cheap to run and great fun to drive either on or off the road. This road legal model has fully independent wishbone suspension, hydraulic brakes, four point safety harness and good quality tyres designed for road use.

Three models give top speeds of 30,50 and 70 mph. Our basic road legal buggy has a low voltage drive system giving it a top speed of 30mph, a range of up to 30 miles and costs 7200 (plus VAT).

The 50mph mid range buggy starts at 7900 (plus VAT).

The high voltage version is capable of reaching 70mph on the road and gives a truly exciting performance for only 8900 (plus VAT).

If it is mainly intended to use the buggy off-road, the gearing can be altered to give more torque for acceleration and hill climbing ability off-road. A fast charger is available that will charge your buggy in less than 2 hours.

Prices exclude Registration and Delivery. Delivery to London costs 170 plus VAT.

The buggies can be modified to customer specification for disabled drivers, increased range, acceleration, fast charging and the inclusion of high torque gearboxes for specialised off-road use.

Our buggies are being used in the Brecon Rain Powered Buggies project.

Technical details:

VersionBatteryMotorControllerMax Range Typical RangeRecharge Time
35 mph48 volt 110 Amp-Hours6kw
12kw (peak)
400 Amps 30 miles20 miles Basic: 10 hours
Fast: 5 hours
Rapid: 2 hours
50 mph72 volt 110 Amp-Hours40 miles20 miles
70 mph96 volt  50 Amp-Hours40 miles20 miles