Dragon Electric Vehicles  -  Electric Vauxhall Astra!

First electric Astra in the world?

The car is based on the latest 5 seat Vauxhall Astra model. It has a top speed of about 80mph and a maximum range of 150 miles. It will be used in Scotland to show how practical and good for the environment electric cars can be. It has been designed to tow a trailer to events and shows, from which a wind turbine can easily be erected which can then be used to charge the car while it is on show. When not being charged by wind power, it can be plugged into any standard domestic 13A socket. By taking advantage of overnight off-peak electricity rates, a full charge of 30kWh costs about 1.50, giving a fuel cost of less than 2p per mile, much less than the most economical diesel car on British roads.

The car uses some of the best performing electric vehicle technology from around the world lithium battery from China, high-power motor from America, power electronics from England, and control electronics from Wales.

Dragon Electric Vehicles build many different electric vehicles, to give high performance both on and off road.

Apart from saloons and vans, we build motorcycles and sports cars for road and racing, 4WD electric utility vehicles and road legal on/off-road buggies.

For those whose budget cannot stretch to such high-tech machines, DragonEV are also dealers for Mega low cost electric vehicles suitable for use in towns and cities. The Mega range includes two and four seat town cars, and a wide range of vans and utility vehicles for urban and site use.